Seafood BBQ Channel 7 ‘Sunrise’ on Australia Day

What better to do on Australia Day than cook up a seafood feast on the barbie in Martin Place, for Channel 7 ‘Sunrise’ program.

And what better helpers than some true blue Aussie lifesavers from North Bondi, even if we did have to remind them not to stand so close to the BBQ while they were cooking in their possibly flammable shorts!

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Marty (middle) and Owen (left) help check if the fish pieces are cooked....

Checking the fish is cooked

Owen did a great job making a fish parcel, to help keep the fish moist…..

Making a fish parcel

All done, so we could enjoy some time out – I have such a great job!

Time out from the BBQ with my lifesavers in Martin Place on Australia Day

And for dessert, Planet Cakes of Balmain had made a replica of the Sydney Opera House – all in chocolate cake.

Opera House chocolate cake

It seemed a terrible shame to cut such a creation, but we couldn’t let all that cake go to waste!

They shall eat cake!

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