Moroccan chicken & couscous with chickpeas sultanas & nuts

ABC NSW radio segment We were having friends over to play Mahjong so needed to get dinner organised beforehand. Decided to cook this in the morning to allow plenty of time for flavours to develop and blend and then it only had to be reheated. Chicken pieces on the bone could be used as they […]

Really easy chicken & corn muffin pies

A simple, time saving pie recipe

Smoking Food

On ABC NSW radio  Smoking Food – to preserve food – add flavour – tenderise (photo shows chicken breast fillets smoked in a wok with tea leaves – see below for details) What do you need? Equipment: Smoker,  smoking box,  BBQ,  wok,  oven or simply a hole in the ground! Smoke: Wood, wood chips, sawdust […]

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