Classic fish’n’chips with beer batter

Got a spare can of beer? Perfect to make a classic fish’n’chips, like Chef Jeremy Strode did in SMH Good Living using flathead fillets cos he says the fish stays wonderfully moist. He whisks 200g plain flour with 375ml Coopers Pale Ale until smooth. Cut 500g (to serve 4) skinned flathead fillets into large pieces. […]

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Sustainable seafood cooking dems & Blessing of the Fleet at Sydney Fish Market

ABCNSW radio 1233 with Carol Duncan on Monday 18 October 2010 Come and see the Blessing of the Fleet at Sydney Fish Market.  Stay for the day and enjoy oyster appreciation, sustainability talks and join me for cooking demonstrations and tastings, using some of the lesser known and under-valued seafood, Bonito and Cuttlefish.   Saturday […]

Slow Food Sydney – Seafood Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Slow Food Sydney Group at a seafood workshop. Here is a brief rundown from their website of the activities and recipes we had fun cooking on the night at the Electrolux Interactive Kitchen at Mascot (     Slow Food Sydney ( is a convivum of Slow Food, an […]

Squid and calamari recipes

ABC radio segment ( by Jen Lacey Inspired by the discovery of a sardine, whiting and a red mullet inside a squid, Deborah invited food consultant and author Brigid Treloar to share some recipes and tips on cephalopods – better known as squid, calamari, cuttlefish and octopus. Deb turned her added surprise into a stock, […]

Sardines – great for tapas

On ABC NSW radio ( Australian Sardines are small, strong flavoured fish that are easy to prepare and cook. Click on the images below to download delicious Australian Sardine recipes from Nature Conservation Sociaety of NSW To Cook Sardines have a strong flavour, medium oiliness and medium moist, soft reddish-brown flesh this fish has […]

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