ABC radio 1233 listener query – fresh chickens?

ABC NSW RADIO SEGMENT   Sandy, one of our regular listeners has had problems with “smelly chicken”…….   “I cannot tell you how many times I buy chicken that smells either “off” or not quite right!! So my question is………. when you smell fresh chicken, should there be any kind of smell at all?  Or […]

The Chilli Willy Experiment

On ABC NSW radio We were discussing chillies, or more specifically ‘chilli burn’, after handling chillies, being especially nasty for males next visit to the bathroom. One of our helpful listeners rang in with a sure fire remedy using banana. I hadn’t heard of that one and thought it could be interesting to test out. […]

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Sustainable seafood cooking dems & Blessing of the Fleet at Sydney Fish Market

ABCNSW radio 1233 with Carol Duncan on Monday 18 October 2010 Come and see the Blessing of the Fleet at Sydney Fish Market.  Stay for the day and enjoy oyster appreciation, sustainability talks and join me for cooking demonstrations and tastings, using some of the lesser known and under-valued seafood, Bonito and Cuttlefish.   Saturday […]

Persian love cake

ABC NSW radio segment A few weeks ago, ABC Online’s chief political writer Annabel Crabb, created quite a flurry when she mentioned a Persian Love Cake – “I am telling you, the persian love cake is the nightingale of cakes.  Looks drab, but close your eyes and it’s heaven.” What a tease! What is Persian […]

Moroccan chicken & couscous with chickpeas sultanas & nuts

ABC NSW radio segment We were having friends over to play Mahjong so needed to get dinner organised beforehand. Decided to cook this in the morning to allow plenty of time for flavours to develop and blend and then it only had to be reheated. Chicken pieces on the bone could be used as they […]

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