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The hard back edition of “Steaming” is an easy to follow, step by step guide for creating the perfect Steaming dish. Easy to follow recipes that will impress your guests! This book has also been reprinted and is now available mail order.

Dimensions – 247mm (h) x 240mm (w). 111 pages.

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  (Contact Brigid to order)

Brigid’s “Steaming” book has been published in soft cover mini format. Now available by mail order.

Dimensions – 190mm (h) x 143mm (w). 63 pages.


Other books by Brigid:

(Published by Lansdowne in Australia, different publishers overseas)

The Grill Pan Cookbook

Dimensions – 185mm (h) x 188mm (w). 95 pages.


The Rice Cooker Cookbook

Dimensions – 185mm (h) x 188mm (w). 95 pages.

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Dimensions – 185mm (h) x 188mm (w). 95 pages.

The Tofu Cookbook

Dimensions – 247mm (h) x 238mm (w). 111 pages.

The Vegetarian Sushi Cookbook


The Vegetarian Sushi Cookbook – 248mm x 240mm; 112 pages

The Healthy Soy Cookbook

The Healthy Soy Cookbook

The Healthy Soy Cookbook – 238mm x 220mm; 112 pages

The Complete Book of Sushi

(with Ryuichi Yoshii & Hideo Dekura)

The Complete Book of Sushi

The Complete Book of Sushi – 288mm x 240mm; 240 pages

The Japanese Cookbook

(The Australian Womens Weekly Cookbooks) published by ACP Publishing

The Japanese Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly)

The Japanese Cookbook (Australian Women’s Weekly) – 278mm x 206mm; 120 pages

5 Responses to “Books by Brigid”

  1. Karyn Hearn - June 17, 2009

    I have just purchased a rice cooker and have been trying to buy your cookbook for rice cookers, without luck. Can you please let me know who would stock it, or if I can buy it online.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. Brigid - June 22, 2009

    A few of the bigger book stores had the book in stock, but if not any more you may like to try this link: as they had it in stock.

  3. Margaret Bridgart - September 1, 2009

    Please I wish to purchase another two “Pressure Cooker”.

    Brigid sent me via mail order two copies 12-18 months ago, and I have introduced another lot of folk into the wonders of pressure cooking.

    Thanks a lot


  4. Brigid - November 11, 2009

    Thanks for spreading the word! Glad to hear you have found the extra books you needed.

  5. Cheryl Sims - October 29, 2009


    I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your demoonstration and the unselfish way you shared your expertise with no hint of frustration to the many at times “simple” questions. I attended yesterday (28/10) Could you please let me know where I could get your book on steaming.

    Thanks again it was a very enjoyable afternoon

    Kind Regards

    Cheryl Sims

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