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Hot cross buns

On ABC NSW radio  No longer only sold on Good Friday, these sweet, spicy fruity buns are hard to resist. Traditionally they were made with flour, milk, yeast, sugar, eggs, butter, dried fruit, such as sultanas, currants, raisins, mixed peel and delicately spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and/or cloves. Modern recipes vary considerably and often […]

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Spare ribs

On ABC NSW radio Craig, one of our regular ABC NSW listeners asked about cooking ribs so for others who might also be interested here is some general information. For recipe ideas click on Recipes and have a look at ‘Cooking spare ribs –  a few recipes to try’. Cooking spare ribs is relatively easy […]

Cooking spare ribs – a few recipes to try

On ABC NSW radio  There are many ways to cook spare ribs or sticky American style ribs.  Whichever method you choose it is all relatively easy. Nothing quite like skipping formalities and eating the lot with your fingers! Click on Cooking Tips then Spare ribs for details about quantities and what to buy.   Craig, […]

Food wrappers – edible or not?

On ABC NSW radio Food wrappers – edible or not? A great way to use up leftovers – simply wrap it up. But there are many edible and non-edible wrappers and it’s not always obvious which is which. So here’s a quick reference to get you started. Always remember to check the ‘use by date’ […]

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