Tasmanian Scallop Pie

We were in Tasmania recently, the home of the famous Tasmanian Scallop Pies.

“The quaint tradition of putting premium Tasmanian Sea Scallops into a pie began on the Hobart wharves in the early 19th Century. This taste sensation has remained a uniquely Tasmanian delicacy only available on the Island.” So says The Ross General Store, Bakery & Tearooms blurb. They have been baking their famous Scallop Pies for over 15 years so if you’re not so keen to bake your own they will happily send them direct to your door, still frozen.

The pies are blast frozen and are sent overnight post arriving frozen. They can be kept frozen for 6 + months and as they are blast frozen they will defrost to their original quality. After defrosting they have a 14 day shelf life, but keep refrigerated.

Try their new recipe developed last year, which combines Premium Tasmanian Salmon from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean and Tasmanian Brie in a creamy white sauce.

For more information visit their website www.tasmanianscalloppiecompany.com.au

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2 Responses to “Tasmanian Scallop Pie”

  1. J.Carter - July 31, 2012

    Do you have a retail outlet in Sydney?



  2. Brigid - July 31, 2012

    Hi J. Carter. I work as a food consultant so no sorry, no retail outlet. If it’s the Tas Scallop Pie you’re interested in, perhaps contact them directly.
    Thanks. Brigid

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