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Tasmanian Scallop Pie

We were in Tasmania recently, the home of the famous Tasmanian Scallop Pies. “The quaint tradition of putting premium Tasmanian Sea Scallops into a pie began on the Hobart wharves in the early 19th Century. This taste sensation has remained a uniquely Tasmanian delicacy only available on the Island.” So says The Ross General Store, […]

How to use up all those tomatoes

Storing tomatoes Fully ripe tomatoes can be refrigerated but are best kept at room temperature. Tomatoes stored in the refrigerator tend to lose flavour but will still be edible. Ripe tomatoes Salads, especially using different varieties and colours. Try tossing tomato wedges with canned cannellini beans, drained and rinsed, black olives, capers and fresh basil, […]

Don’t compost yet! Get the most out of your food

Don’t compost yet! Tips & hints to reduce your food waste.

Pan frying fish fillets but how can you tell if the fish is fresh?

Pan frying fish fillets is one of the quickest, easiest ways to cook seafood.

All about rice – how to cook rice, rice varieties, tips & hints

Which rice for which dish? What’s the best cooking method for rice? Rice questions answered plus cooking tips and hints.

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